There are many uses of the pneumatic fittings. The first use is with a bicycle pump. This pump is used to inflate the tires of the bicycle. The bike pump is going to use mechanical power or a person who is going to push on the device in order for the device to function properly. They are designed to redirect the air so that the air goes into the bicycle tire. The handle of the bike pump will be pushed by the human so the air inside of the cylinder will be pushed to the lower part of the cylinder where the air can flow to the bicycle tire.


The second use is a vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are going to be the wet/dry vacuum cleaners. This is because they are a specialized form of the wet/dry models that can hook up to the compressed air. This means that they can accommodate for the spoilage of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is a very useful feature of the vacuum cleaners when they are used in the industrial plants and the facilities for manufacturing plants.


The third use is a car shock. These are going to be the hydraulic shock absorbers that are used in conjunction with the cushions and springs of the car. Most of the time, the shock absorbers the energy is converted to the heat that is inside of the viscous fluid. With the hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic fluid will heat up while they are in the air cylinder. This means that the hot air will be exhausted into the atmosphere.


The fourth use is for the handicapped-access buttons which are going to operate the automatic doors at the front entrance of a building. These systems are going to utilize the power of the air that is under pressure so that it can automatically open up the door. This means that you will be able to manually operate the door easily or utilize the automated part of the door that is proved by the pneumatic cylinder. This is because it is going to use air instead of other electronics. The air can be used in applications that are more hazardous when the electronics cannot be used.


The fifth use is with nail guns. These types of nail guns are not going to have any downward pressure because the compressed air in the air chamber returns so that you can push the piston head back up. The air that is above the head of the piston will be forced out of the gun into the atmosphere. This means that they are going to work very well at driving the thicker nails through the materials that are hard.


The sixth use is a gauge to check the pressure in a person’s tires. The tight sealing piston in the tire pressure guage works a lot like a bicycle pump. The inside of the tube is polished off to be smooth and the piston is made of rubber. This allows it to seal nicely against the tube. The tube will have to be lubricated with oil to improve the seal.